Metal Tile Backsplashes: Hot Design Ideas For Upscale Style


If you are currently looking to make a modern and bold statement in your kitchen, try installing a metal tile backsplash. Such pieces brighten up your kitchen environment and deliver it a clean, sleek look. However, it can be interesting and warm too, so never limit yourself because the metals can be incorporated into almost any theme.

Backsplash Design

Metal tile backsplash at this website are used for decades in different kinds of restaurants, such material is undergoing a transformation as of late. You are not restricted to just perfect and smooth sheets anymore. Currently, metal tile backsplashes come in a wide variety of finishes and patterns and are an increasingly a popular yet stylish addition in today’s upscale and updated kitchens. When you consider your backslpash idea, always think about what type of design or look you have in mind for the kitchen. Metal tile is an extremely versatile and flexible material and no matter what you are searching to do, it presents some interesting possibilities and themes. If you enjoy using different gadgets and tools in the kitchen, consider using metal tile as the primary design material and going for a ultramodern, highly-polished look. For something cozier, you may try using a matte finish or at least a combineation of metal tiles with other materials.


A metal tile backsplash can be rather very much spendy, but it will differ depending on the complexity and size. For instance, tiles can run from 40 to 200 dollars per square foot but it can  make a huge difference in the feel and look of your kitchen. Sheets are less expensive, but will need an expert installation no matter what.  Know more about metal tiles in

Backsplash Care and Cleaning

Caring for a metal tile backsplash has always been a breeze! For daily cleaning, warm water and soap using a soft cloth will take care of this hygienic surface. For a spotless finish, bear in mind to wipe dry. Furthermore, new sprays can keep fingerprints in control at the end of the day.


The most common appearance is a metal tile that has been custom-fit for the kitchen because this is a fairly straightforward installation. When you go back with this appearance, all that needs to be done is to take good measurements of area for metal to be cut to size. Tiles need less expertise, but are the same being applied to a backing attached to the wall, go here for more info!

Advantages and Disadvantages

While your metal tile backsplash will be heat resistant, durable, and easy to clean, do keep in mind that it will dent and scratch easier than a backsplash made out of granite, ceramic, or marble.